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Have your eye on a pricey custom engagement ring or designer pendant but think it’s beyond your budget?

Think again. You can create your dream jewelry at a fraction of the cost with moissanite, the undetectable diamond alternative.

We’ve all eyed magazine ads for couture jewely and envied celebrity baubles on the red carpet, wishing for our own pair of glittering diamond earrings or a right-hand ring featuring carat after carat of gems.

But Who Can Afford To Spend Six Figures On Glamorous Gems?

At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we’ve developed a unique way to bring those high-priced designer styles to fashion-forward buyers on any budget.

With custom jewelry featuring moissanite, the undetectable diamond alternative, Joseph Schubach Jewelers can create a custom look that rivals the most well-known designers in the world.

At just one-tenth the cost of a comparable mined diamond, moissanite offers incredible brilliance and light refraction as well as excellent durability.

In fact, moissanite even tests positive for diamond on a traditional diamond tester (which means no one has to know your stunning custom jewelry is anything other than the “real thing”).

Here’s how you can create your own custom moissanite rings (or other moissanite jewelry, including moissanite earrings, pendants, etc.) that’s fit for the stars but perfectly designed for your budget:

  1. Give us a call! Our representatives are available Monday through Friday to answer questions, provide guidance and help you decide the perfect custom moissanite jewelry.
  2. Provide us with an example of the custom jewelry you have in mind, such as a magazine ad, celebrity photo, pin or other links.
  3. Decide on your materials. What metals and gems would you like to use in your custom jewelry? While moissanite rings and other jewelry are fantastic money-saving options, you can use any stone in your custom design piece including Gemesis cultured diamonds, natural diamonds, clarity-enhanced diamonds or colored gemstones. You can also choose the metal that best suits your style, from platinum and trendy palladium to white or yellow gold.
  4. Review the draft. We’ll present you with a detailed sketch of your custom design and make any alterations you see fit.
  5. Review your CAD. Once a sketch has been approved, we’ll create a CAD drawing of your unique custom design, allowing us to ensure your exact specifications are met.
  6. Prepare to be dazzled. Joseph Schubach Jewelers will bring your dreams to life, delivering the designer jewelry you’ve always dreamed of at a fraction of the cost – all thanks to moissanite!

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