Antique Cut Diamonds

The beauty of Old European Cut (OEC) diamonds and Antique Cushion Cut (ACC) Diamonds

Old cut diamonds are quite different from their modern counterparts.

They have chunky facets that throw bold flashes of pastel light, and small tables with high crowns. They are softer,more pillowy, and to some, more alluring. Designed to sparkle over candle lit dinners, they have a romantic quality to them that modern cuts do not. For someone seeking an old cut diamond today, there are two options in the diamond world; a true antique, often more than 100 years old, or a new diamond, cut in the antique design. Both options for old cuts are beautiful, but will appeal to different people in different ways.

With true antique cut diamonds, there is a certain charm to the character and unknown history. Many old cut lovers choose these stones for more than just the aesthetics alone. They love the character and uniqueness of each diamond. But true antiques are not “perfect”, after all, they were cut long before the technology we have today was developed. One may be “perfect for you”, but if you are looking for an ideal diamond, a newly cut old cut diamond is the better choice for you.

Our new cut old cuts come in both Antique Cushion Cuts (ACC) and Old European Cuts (OEC).

They are cut to specific parameters, to ensure maximum brilliance and beauty. What they lack in old world history, they more than make up for in sparkle and uniqueness. The cushions are available in three length to width ratios - square, slightly elongated and elongated, so there is sure to be one that fits the criteria you are looking for in an antique cushion. Please contact us for for current availability, as the inventory is always changing.


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