Why Work with
an Independent Jeweler?

You could buy your jewelry anywhere. With a swipe of a key, any purchase is possible.

So why work with an independent jeweler when you could buy from a multitude of big chains?

  • Every member of our Scottsdale- based team has a personal and vested interest in the success of this business. This is more than a job for us but a craft and a vocation. We take it seriously and it shows!

  • When you buy at a big name chain, you’re paying extra for that name. While we do pride ourselves on our exclusive designs, you don’t pay overhead for them.

  • From setting to metal to stone, every aspect is micro-managed to the most exquisite proportions. You simply won’t experience that kind of scrutiny and care in a chain store.

  • As a small business, we respect and understand the importance of a budget and never push for a hard sale, like other big names do.

  • Our small business structure means clear-cut policies and processes. We’re not bound by complicated corporate policy and ironclad rules. We bend over backward for each and every client because every client matters when you’re small.

  • Custom design is special, not just a formula you plug into a computer. For three generations, we’ve honed the process so its personal and enjoyable. It adds such a critical layer to the purchase process.

  • When small businesses thrive, other businesses compete. This ensures innovation and lower prices over the long run.

But shopping with an independent jeweler means more than just custom design jewelry.

Supporting businesses like ours help communities thrive and contribute to our economy.

More reasons to shop small:

  • According to the Small Business Administration (SBA) 48 percent of all US employees work for small businesses. We account for 54% of all US sales. We’re a staple of the US economy continuing to employ, using local resources and serving the public.

  • Local businesses like require less transportation to receive material. This means a smaller carbon footprint as well as less resource depletion and pollution.

  • People who own local businesses tend to live in the area and invest in the community’s future on a daily basis.

  • Businesses like ours require less infrastructure investment and add more to the tax base as well as make more efficient use of public services.

  • Every local business has a personality to it, unlike big box or chain stores. Tourism benefits when visitors notice the differences in an area, not the sameness.


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