HPHT Color Treated Diamonds

HPHT Color Treated Diamonds

A little pressure makes a big difference, especially when it comes to diamonds. Take HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) diamonds. Before treatment, these diamonds may have been so-so. But after treatment, a so-so diamond becomes magical. It’s like a diamond make-over!

What is an HPHT diamond?

HPHT diamonds are natural, earth-mined diamonds that undergo a high pressure/high-temperature treatment to enhance their clarity and color. This powerful process turns a naturally brownish diamond into a more visually pleasing and whiter diamond.

Why purchase an HPHT diamond?

There are several reasons for purchasing an HPHT diamond but top of the list? Cost. Because the original diamond was color-imperfect, it cost considerably less in the first place. But once it’s treated, the diamond is remarkably beautiful and comparable to a higher quality diamond...at a fraction of the cost.

Can you tell an HPHT diamond for a real diamond?

An HPHT diamond is a genuine, mined diamond. But it underwent a powerful treatment to clear its imperfections. The HPHT process also allows manufacturers to alter the color of discolored or flawed diamonds, creating a more desirable colored gem-like canary yellow, blue or pink.

HPHT diamonds are visually impossible to differentiate from their untreated counterparts. Advanced spectroscopic techniques would be needed to uncover the lack of natural graining in the stone.

Do HPHT diamonds come with a GIA certificate?

Yes, HPHT diamonds have the equivalent qualities as the rarest vaulted gems and are accompanied by a GIA certificate and inscription. They also have superior clarity ranging from VVS2 to flawless. These special diamonds will also maintain their appearance and natural properties forever.

I want a fancy pink diamond but they’re so expensive? Is an HPHT fancy pink a cheaper choice?

Yes, yes and yes! That’s the beauty of the HPHT diamond process. While fancy-colored diamonds are expensive, HPHT allows you the luxury at a fraction of the cost, with savings that can reach up to 70% with the same amazing shades and hues you desire.

Will my HPHT diamond remain beautiful over time?

Yes. Unlike clarity enhanced diamonds, where the changes can be reversed with heat or ultrasonics, an HPHT diamond undergoes permanent changes. You can expect the same long life of your diamond as its whiter counterparts.

If you want a natural diamond experience at a fraction of the cost, let’s talk about the colorful possibilities of an HPHT diamond. We’ve created countless custom design jewelry using this amazing heat-treated gem.

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