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THAT’S THE ONE! The perfect Diamond for me!

Hi, I’m Joe Schubach, If you’re looking for a diamond for a loved one, why not let the experts at Joseph Schubach Jewelers help you find the perfect one?

We have three generations of diamond expertise and will guide you every step of the way.

Let us show you what to look for when you shop for a diamond and what makes one diamond more valuable than another. We’ll help you make sense of confusing terms like VS and SI, fluorescence and symmetry, culet and table. Joseph Schubach Jewelers will search the country - or even the world - to find you the best diamond at the right price.

Use the list below as a pricing guide. Then call us and we’ll refine your search and find you the perfect diamond.

If you'd like to learn more, everything you need to know about diamonds can be found on our diamond education page. Our diamond terminology page has a glossary of terms commonly used in the industry as well as a reference of diamond cuts and properties.

Call us @ 888-724-8222 or email us for details on specific diamonds and pricing.

Note: This list is intended to be a pricing guide. Not all diamonds will be available. There are also diamonds available to Joseph Schubach Jewelers that may not appear on this list. Call or email us for details on specific diamonds and pricing.


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