Radiance Moissanite

There is moissanite. And then there’s Radiance® moissanite. Simply put, Radiance® moissanite is the most expertly cut brand of moissanite available. 

The name Radiance® perfectly conveys the inherent brilliance of every beautiful gemstone we create. Light dances from these gems, providing a visual current of energy that can be felt as much as seen. 

We’ve combined the best of what moissanite has to offer with the skill and precision of master gemstone designers and cutters to create an affordable, eco-friendly diamond alternative.

It’s all about the cut.

When it comes to choosing your gem, the cut is the single most important characteristic to consider. 

A precision cut provides:

  • Maximum brilliance
  • Maximum sparkle
  • Maximum dazzle

Radiance® moissanite cuts are designed to look identical to their finest diamond counterparts. Unfortunately, most moissanite on the market is banged out by the hundreds, with extreme variations in cutting standards, even so-called hearts and arrows cuts (which requires the utmost in specificity). 

Our gem cutters are true artisans who work with the material’s inherent properties to create the clearest, most crisp faceting possible, a process that takes many hours to complete. Each stone is meticulously shaped and cut to ensure each gem displays the highest degree of brilliance, sparkle and dispersion. 

The color of Radiance®.

Radiance®  moissanite comes in three color grades:

  • Premium
  • Summer White
  • Antique Lace 

Our Premium Color is a true colourless material, equivalent to DEF on the diamond scale. If you prefer zero body color, our Premium material is the “premium” choice for you! 

Our Summer White is a near colorless material, equivalent to GHIJ on the diamond scale. Summer White will face up white with some tint noticeable through the profile of the stones. Many customers feel Summer White adds to the realism of the stone, since near colorless diamonds are the most commonly purchased diamonds on the market. 

Our Antique Lace is a warm and ethereal shade, perfect for antique cut stones. It is KLM diamond equivalent but due to the depth of the stones, larger stones could appear warmer. Antique Lace lends to the authenticity of our High Crown Antique Cut Collection and the color shows through the table. If you love the warmth of old cut diamonds, you will love the inviting glow our AntiqueLace stones provide. 

Radiance in new, fancy colors.

Radiance® moissanite is now available in fancy colors:

  • Olivey Green with stunning flashes of peacock blue
  • Deliciously creamy Lemon Sorbet with rainbow flashes
  • Effervescent Champagne color 
  • Dark, dusky and full of sparkle Smoke color

You get the combination of the vibrant colors of precious and semi-precious gemstones with the fire and brilliance of moissanite, a truly unique combination. (These colors are inherent to the stone and are not coated.) 

Important note regarding color:

Some cuts (such as crushed ice) tend to show more color due to the complex way the light is reflected. Looking down at the top of the stone, these cuts can appear to have slightly more color than when looking from the side of the stone, similar to a diamond with the same cut. 

Also, like any gemstone, colors will look differently in various kinds of lighting. We do our best to show you how our gemstones look in natural lighting (not studio lighting) because you live in natural light and not in a studio! 

More often than not, our pictures and videos are taken in full sunlight. (Afterall, we are located in Scottsdale, AZ, where we have plenty of natural sunshine!)

Old world meets new cutting edge techniques.

Old world, antique designs are our specialty. Our High Crown Collection includes antique cushion cuts (ACC), old mine cuts (OMC) and antique asscher cuts, among others. 

We’ve carefully designed each of our cuts to retain the unique charm of diamonds of a bygone era while at the same time maximizing their brilliance, beauty and crispness.

Consider it the best of both worlds: combining history and cutting-edge technology. Each stone has gloriously tall, pillowy crowns, small tables, wide facetings, tiny culets and all the charm and character you look for in old cuts. 

Contemporary cuts for a new age of custom design.

We also proudly offer a complete line of proprietary designed contemporary shapes such as round, princess and emerald cuts.

In addition, our Contemporary Collection features several of our custom shapes that you simply won’t find elsewhere such as our cushal, our square radiant, hearts and arrows cushion and more. 

Whether you choose an antique or contemporary cut, rest assured: each shape has been designed specifically for maximum brilliance and fire. We precisely cut and polish each stone, ensuring the most crisp faceting possible, thus unveiling the material’s inherent beauty.

Radiance® brings custom design jewelry dreams to life.

Radiance® moissanite diamonds are perfect as a unique center stone in an antique-style engagement ring as well as for side stones and accent stones. Or perhaps in a one-of-a-kind necklace or earrings. Consider the final result a family heirloom in the making.

Our history with Radiance® moissanite.

Our Scottsdale store was one of the very first retail fine jewelers to design with moissanite in the 1990’s. When we started working with this amazingly versatile gem, we had no idea it would turn out to be as popular as it is today. Moissanite has evolved considerably over the years and we’re proud to be a major part of this evolution. 

In 2016, we created Radiance® moissanite with the goal of making moissanite an even better, more authentic and most realistic diamond alternative. 

To this day, each gemstone continues to be meticulously designed and crafted to look identical to its diamond counterpart, not some hybrid of cuts you would never find in a diamond.

Where’s my Radiance® design?

So glad you asked! If you’re considering a custom design piece of jewelry—an object of artistry like no other—contact our team. Whatever your vision or your budget, we’ll meet you and exceed your expectations. 

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