The Power of Three Stones

Behold, the power of three! Who can deny it? Three-stone engagement rings have never been more popular (though frankly, this endearing ring design has always held classic appeal).

Three stone rings are said to symbolize a couple’s past, present and future. They may also represent friendship, love and fidelity or religious sentiment (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

Generally, a three-gem ring contains a larger center stone flanked on either side by smaller side stones. The center stone can be any shape, from Marquis to Cushion to Old Mine Cut. Likewise, the side stones can come in a variety of shapes, such as Baguette or Trillion.

As custom jewelry designers, we love the possibilities of a three-stone ring. It triples the creative choice after all! The end results have been so varied over our decades in the jewelry business, it’s a beautiful thing to witness.

So what is it about a three-stone engagement ring that attracts so many?

Three stone rings shape the finger better than other types of rings. The curvature of a three-stone setting wraps the finger and is easy to wear. There is no single gemstone prominently sticking up. (This means less snagging and lower maintenance.)

Three stone rings provide more finger coverage for less. The higher the carat, the more money you’ll spend. Three stone engagement rings don’t require expensive “rocks” but look better with lesser carat stones. The best part? You’re not sacrificing bling and beauty since more real estate is covered by stunning sparkle.

You can mix and match gemstones and colors creatively. It’s hard to pick one gemstone to represent your love. A three-stone engagement ring allows you creative freedom! Dare to pair complementary colors or distinctive shape stones, such as half-moons, pears, rounds and epaulets. The more specific you get, the more unique your custom design ring will be.

Check out our wide selection of three stone rings or better yet, contact us. We’ll walk you through the process of creating a three-stone engagement ring that truly represents the power of your love. If you’re looking for that perfect combination of personal, modern and classic, a three-stone ring awaits you!

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