Radiance Gemstones

Introducing Radiance® Gemstones

Joseph Schubach Jewelers announces
the latest in our line of Radiance® Gemstones.

Exquisite collection of contemporary and antique cut diamonds and gemstones.
Exclusively designed. Precision cut. Worthy of desire.

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Radiance® Contemporary Cuts

Featuring modern, popular shapes, this collection also boasts our exclusive hybrid cutting for brilliance of another dimension.

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"Joseph Schubach Jewelers is proud to
offer a diverse range of gemstone options
to meet our client’s needs."
Joe Schubach, Schubachstore

Radiance® High Crown
Antique Cuts

Our High Crown Radiance® moissanite is often imitated but never duplicated. This exclusive collection is cut and polished to the highest standards and truly reminiscent of old cut diamonds. Each stone has gloriously tall, pillowy crowns, small tables, tiny culets, and all the charm and character you look for.While showcasing old world charm, these stones are destined for modern day heirlooms. Experience history through our stunning antique cut gems.

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Radiance Gemstones

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Radiance Gemstones

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