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Radiance® Antique Cuts

This exclusive collection is cut and polished to the highest standards and truly reminiscent of old cut gemstones.

Each stone has gloriously tall, pillowy crowns, small tables, tiny culets, and all the charm and character sought after in old cuts.

As with our Contemporary line, the High Crown Antique Collection is also cut to maximize brilliance, beauty and crispness, making our gemstones some of the most spectacular to be found on the market.

Square Antique
Cushion Cut (ACC)

We have two amazing square old cushion cuts to tempt you! The first is what we call our ACC, or antique cushion cut. As with all of the cuts in our High Crown Antique line, the ACC has our signature high crown, small table, chunky facets and small culet. The difference lies in the faceting. The ACC faceting pattern features a contrasting or illuminated windmill or star pattern under the table, through the corners of the stone.

Square Old
Mine Cut (OMC)

Our other old cut cushion is our old mine cut, or OMC. This differs from the ACC; instead of the illuminated windmills under the table, the OMC highlights an illuminated Maltese cross. Please watch our cushion video, paying close attention to the light and dark contrast you see through the stone as it moves in the light.

Antique Cushion Cut (ACC) vs
Old Mine Cut (OMC)

This video shows both cuts side by side. Neither of our cushions are superior to the other and the differences are subtle, but we have found that clients tend to prefer one cut over the other. Both of our old cut cushions have the romantic and charming characteristic you look for and expect in antique cuts. Their pillowy tops and chunky pastel fire are sure to make you swoon.

Elongated Old
Mine Cut (OMC)

Our elongated old mine cut has all of the fire and charm that our square OMC does, but in a slightly elongated shape. Our elongated OMC is cut to maximize fire and brilliance while maintaining the strong Maltese cross under the table.

Elongated Antique
Cushion Cut (ACC)

Our elongated antique cushion cut is just what you would expect for this cut! The elongated silhouette has all the charm and brilliance of our square ACC, but in an off square shape. Same awesome fire and windmills, just elongated.

Antique Asscher

Step cut gorgeousness meets old world charm. Our High Crown asscher has all of the sophistication and elegance of modern step cuts, but with the high crown, small table and open culet, characteristic of old cut diamonds and our Radiance High Crown Collection.

Antique Oval

Our Antique oval is truly a one of a kind gem. A stunning oval silhouette with a floral center reminiscent of an OEC, this cut is perfect for old cut lovers that want something unique and bursting with old world charm. Set this on its own or in a halo and prepare to be captivated with the amazing high crown and faceting this High Crown antique oval has to offer.


A transitional cut is a round cut that historically was cut from the 1920s to the 1940s. These are round cuts that were formed at the end of the old mine and old European era but before the modern day round brilliant. As such, transitional cuts have elements of both antique and modern stones. Transitional cuts have many old cut characteristics, like an open culet and high crown, but they are blended with a more modern faceting pattern under the table. Transitionals are known for their incredible fire and their unique, one of a kind look.


Old European cuts are a classic in the world of old cuts. The old European cut (or OEC) is a round stone with a beautiful high crown, small table, open culet, and chunky faceting pattern. The most highly prized OECs have a floral pattern under the culet...and ours is no exception. Our OEC is feminine and ethereal and full of bold fire and brilliance that you would expect from old cut stones.

Antique Pear

Antique pears are one of the rarest and hard to find cuts in the old cut diamond world. And when you can find them, many lack symmetry and precision. So we created our dream antique pear cut, that ticked all of the boxes of characteristics we would want in the perfect old cut pear. Our pear has a fabulous floral faceting though the center of the table, with an adorable pear-shaped open culet. And just like it’s modern cut counterpart, it is neither too chubby nor too thin. These would look stunning, set in so many ways, whether as side stones, a solitaire, amazing drop earrings or a pendant.

Antique Trillion

Trillion cuts are traditionally used as side stones. While one could definitely be the star of any jewelry piece, you most often see trillions in a supporting role. Diamonds cut in an antique trillion pattern are like unicorns in the diamond world. So we thought: if we can’t find what we need, let’s make our own! And we did. And they are the prettiest trillions you will find. Our Radiance High Crown trillions have the loveliest floral center with a tiny open culet and a gorgeous pillowy silhouette.

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