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Why Radiance®?

The name Radiance® perfectly conveys the luminosity and brilliance of every beautiful gemstone we create. Light dances from these gems, providing a visual current of energy that can be felt as much as seen.

With three generations of expertise in diamonds and natural gems, Joe decided to expand our gemstone offerings with eco-friendly and sustainable lab-created diamonds and moissanite in the 1990s. We were one of the first jewelers to offer these new, conflict-free gems and we are thrilled to introduce our own Radiance® brand of gemstones, which now includes mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds, moissanite and other gemstones.

We proudly offer a complete line of contemporary cuts as well as our own custom designed antique cuts.

Radiance® diamond cuts focus on old world, antique designs. We’ve carefully designed each of our cuts to retain the unique charm of diamonds of a bygone era while at the same time maximizing their brilliance. Consider it the best of both worlds, combining history and science.

Radiance® diamonds are perfect as a unique center stone in an antique-style engagement ring as well as for side stones, accent stones and stones for wedding rings. Or perhaps in a one-of-a-kind necklace or earrings. Whatever the end result, consider the final result a family heirloom in the making.

All Gems Have Radiance®

We’re particularly proud of our exceptional craftsmanship cutting and shaping moissanite. Our years of experience in the moissanite industry have culminated in the most scintillating and brilliant moissanite on the market. We’ve combined the best of what moissanite has to offer with the skill and precision of master gemstone designers and cutters to create an affordable, eco-friendly diamond alternative.

Radiance® moissanite cuts are designed to look identical to their diamond counterparts. Our artisans work with the material’s inherent properties to ensure the clearest, most crisp faceting possible. Not only are they cut to maximize the material’s brilliance, but they also provide our clients with the most authentic and realistic diamond alternative on the market.

Radiance® colored gemstones are available in just about any material and offered in our antique or contemporary cuts. Radiance® colored gemstones are great as the featured stone in an everyday ring, an engagement ring, in a necklace or earrings. They are also gorgeous as side or accent stones. Contact us for more info.

Radiance Gemstones

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